Smart Directory

The Pennine Cloud’s Smart Directory™ is unique.

Unlike an ordinary online business directory our Smart Directory™ works out what you know, don’t know and need to know about your business.

The Smart Directory™ asks you a series of questions about you, your business, knowledge, skills and experience. It identifies any gaps which you may need to address and matches those gaps with local solutions. It profiles you with potential partner organisations and provide ongoing support in the development of those relationships.

The Smart Directory™ allows you to ask questions and enables those with specific knowledge to answer them. A peer-to-peer network that gets right to the heart of understanding your business priorities.​

The Smart Directory™ acts as your personal sign post to obtain the information you need to build a better business.​

The Smart Directory™ provides opportunities for a more tailored, personal consultancy service and enables local businesses to cross trade and form smarter working partnerships to help them grow

The Smart Directory™ is linked to your interactive business listing.​