yboo launch iOS (iphone) app

It’s been a big week for Holmfirth based yboo. Still recovering from their launch party last week (images below), they’ve launched yboo for iOS (iPhone) users which has triggered wider collaboration with Mobile Operators to re-invent price comparison.
We caught up with Founder and CEO Martyn Gould again to find out more.
Q. What’s going on, Martyn?
A. Lots! Our team is growing, we launched yboo for iOS and we’re uplifting yboo for Android to make it better. Most interestingly though, we are changing the way Mobile Operators understand human behaviour and what Consumers actually need.
Q. Explain the last sentence……
A. yboo matches you to the best mobile deal. Right now, that’s standard deals from the whole of the UK market. So whilst yboo saves you time and money when you switch deals, only the Network you’re switching to (the number 1 yboo recommendation) understands what happened.

We’re making that anonymised information available to every Network so they understand why Consumers aren’t buying from them. That alone is powerful and exciting. On top of that, we’re working with Networks to create bespoke deals based on a yboo users profile. So if your profile matches X, you might be an ideal Customer for say Plusnet Mobile and yboo will build you a product which matches your profile down to the ground.

Powerful stuff – making the UK Mobile Industry change, and change very quickly.

Q. Using price comparison sites takes ages and it’s dull

A. Yep, that’s why we’ve shaken things up. With yboo, there’s no forms to fill in.

Download yboo from the Google Play store of the Apple App Store

Use your smartphone as normal

Sit back and wait for the recommendations and click through to switch

In other words, yboo does the hard work for you whilst you’re cooking tea for the kids or watching Game of Thrones when they’ve gone to bed.

Q. And last one, what’s next for yboo?

International expansion. Watch this space. We’ll run everything from the Holme Valley and we’ll be supporting Mobile Consumers all over the world.