Yboo – Smartphone App Case Study

Martin Gould yboo's founder sitting on table

Martyn Gould, yboo's Founder

We caught up with Martyn Gould, the Founder of yboo, a cutting-edge app that matches you to the best smartphone deal. The business operates from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

Warning. This article contains some strong opinions.

OK Martyn, so what’s happening at yboo?

Ah, lots. We closed our first funding round on the 1st February and got the keys to our office in Bridge Mills on the same day!  We are hugely excited and juggling lots of spinning plates.

Our office has a great vibe and the views from our (huge!) windows are just amazing.

Tell us about being based in Holmfirth. What’s good about it?

I guess firstly, we’ve found skilled people on our doorstep which is just great.  We all walk to work which, even in recent horrible weather, is just a great start and end to the day.

We have huge connectivity. We’re running both PCs and Macbooks which allow us direct access to our Hadoop database in Amazons Cloud and serve as video conference machines. We’ve literally had 3 video conferences running at the same time and we’ve had no connectivity issues at all. I guess it helps that our connectivity provider is also in this building……Custom Telecom – look them up.

Also, we’ve partnered up with a local business to get offers for ourselves and yboo users. From next week, yboo users will be able to get a free coffee at En Route in Holmfirth, just by showing them yboo on your Android device. This is our way of saying ‘thanks’ to Holmfirth residents and visitors who have supported yboo for the last 12 months.

Our Apple app launches on the 8th of May – let me know if you want to pre-register for exclusive access ☺

PS – they do nice cake

Clever stuff. But, what's not so good? Be honest now...

The infrastructure to support high growth tech start-ups in this region is just non-existent. Show me where Kirklees Council has provided funding, a building or services to a Tech Start up addressing 60M UK consumers? The same goes for the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. Where is the support for the tech starts ups like yboo who could be as big as Skyscanner? It’s just not there.

We’ve used our own brains, money and time to build yboo. We have created jobs, we’re training people and we’re paying taxes. Why has all that been down to us? It’s not fair and it doesn’t make sense.

OK, let’s end on a high. How many people will be using yboo to find the best mobile deal for them at this time next year?

10,000 a week, and we’ll be connecting 1,000 of those.

We’ll create 30 new, highly skilled jobs in Holmfirth over the next 12 months. Stay tuned and watch. ☺

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